If you consider working as a cammodel or if you are already a cammodel and you want to improve your earnings you are at the right spot.

What is virtual cam studio ? – Almost all webcamsites offer studio accounts. With a studio account girls join in one account together. With this they dont have minimum payment issues. Also they dont have to check if all 7 websites paid in time and correct.

Are you taking percentage of my earning ? – No, we do not take any money at all from your earinings. We get paid by the webcam sites.

If you prefer to have direct payment from every website, that is also possible and you can still benefit of the VCS extra’s:

– advise in lightening (make sure you have good lights in your working room )

– buy a HD webcam if you not already have one, they costs 20 euro only, the best investment.

– wear bright colors in front of the cam ( dont choose black )

– model training if requested

– be your own boss

– work from home

– choose your own working hours

– most money is made chatting (not stripping)

– you dont need glamour photo’s , normal hd-webcam pictures function the best

– dont work in a messy room, messy backgrounds distract attention and have less results

Good luck


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